Music is the soul of Memphis: Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll and Blues; Home of Sun Records, Gibson Guitars and Stax Records…and Elvis. For more than 150 years, the rhythms of Memphis musicians have spilled from clubs and bars out onto historic Beale Street, which forms the cultural backbone of our city. Only such a music-minded metropolis could have given rise to EgglestonWorks.

More than a quarter-century ago, a group of obsessed craftsmen started building artistically designed, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture for collectors. Perhaps inevitably, their love of art and music inspired the company to create loudspeakers, which combined the highest possible audio performance with unrivalled aesthetic beauty. In 1997, EgglestonWorks introduced the Andra, which was immediately embraced by recording engineers and music lovers around the world and praised as one of the finest speakers ever produced. So impressive was Andra that it appeared on the cover of prestigious Stereophile magazine TWICE in three months and won that publication’s “Loudspeaker of the Year” award.

Since the beginning, the underlying goal of all EgglestonWorks loudspeakers is to strike that powerful, emotional chord naturally present in live music, to recreate the palpable realism of a live performance, complete and authentic to the most miniscule detail. Accomplishing this goal involves the two most critical aspects of speaker design: accuracy and musicality.

Accuracy: the job of any fine speaker is to accurately reproduce the music passing through it. At EgglestonWorks, this is only the beginning: we strive to provide a more instinctive connection to the music, delivering deeper insight into recordings the listener might have heard hundreds of times. Accomplishing this goal requires a speaker that embodies vanishingly low distortion, vast frequency- and dynamic range and unimpeded resolution.

Musicality: at EgglestonWorks, musicality is the ability to enjoy a listening experience free of fatigue, to retrieve a recording’s finest details without compromising long-term listening pleasure. Listener fatigue can be caused by something as measurable as distortion, but sometimes it is the result of improper component matching, sub-optimal crossover point selection, cabinet resonance, diffraction/dispersion problems or other design-related issues that defy measurement.

The EgglestonWorks Philosophy, then, is to create speakers that perfectly balance resolution on the one hand and listenability on the other; to enable professionals and hobbyists alike to delve deeper into the recording without listening fatigue.

To illustrate, consider what professional mastering engineers value in a speaker. Obviously, accuracy is a prime consideration in choosing a speaker for use as a reference tool, because only when an engineer hears every tone—from lowest bass to highest treble—in perfect proportion, can he properly do his job. Likewise, every detail must be audible because nothing can be left to chance; at the same time, an engineer must spend countless hours listening to each recording before approving it for production. A speaker that resolves detail at the expense of bright, harsh or unbalanced sound will be unsuitable as a mastering tool. So, when an engineer picks a loudspeaker for their reference, they are saying that they’re not only pinpoint accurate but, given the demands of their job, can also be listened to for extended periods without causing fatigue. This is why Bob Ludwig, legendary recording engineer and owner of Gateway Mastering, chose a pair of our Ivy Signatures for his two-channel mastering system and FIVE Andras for his multichannel mastering system. EgglestonWorks is proud to supply many of the best mastering studios with their reference monitors, which have helped create some of the best music produced over the last decade and a half.

The same qualities that make EgglestonWorks the ultimate Professional Studio Monitors also makes them the ideal speaker for music lovers.

Accuracy and musicality, science and sound, artistic beauty and heirloom quality. These are the forces that guide every product EgglestonWorks makes.

Science In The Service Of Music: One of the unique aspects of our design process is our insistence upon achieving superb measured specifications from all of our products. Unlike our competitors, we have a Ph.D physicist on staff who not only explores all the parameters of our final designs, but investigates each cabinet, driver and crossover component employed by EgglestonWorks. Placing emphasis upon both audible and measured performance gives EgglestonWorks unparalleled insight into the design and manufacture of reference-quality loudspeakers.

Artisanal Excellence For Every Budget: While other ultra-high-end producers focus on expensive speakers exclusively, EgglestonWorks believes that every serious music lover should be able to afford a pair of artistically designed, artisanal loudspeakers. Our “Nico” monitors and “Emma” towers retail for less than many mass produced speakers, yet they benefit from the same meticulous hand craftsmanship as our most expensive models.

Inner Beauty: The finest wristwatches and most exclusive automobiles feature many small and special “design flourishes” that their owners might never see but which, nonetheless, elevate those products to an even higher level of excellence. And so it is with EgglestonWorks. Countless fine details—many of which are hidden from view—distinguish our craftsmanship from other manufacturers. Specially carved internal braces, meticulous point-to-point wiring of crossovers and drivers, even the flawless engraving of our discretely placed logo exemplify EgglestonWorks’ pride of craftsmanship…and ensure your pride of ownership.

Beauty for the eyes, as well as the ears: Chances are, your speakers will reside in your living room, den or other high profile location in your home. We think your speakers the same sense style and artistic beauty as your other furnishings because—let’s face it—speakers are furniture! That’s why every EgglestonWorks loudspeaker is art for the eye, as well as the ear.

Custom? No Problem! One benefit of crafting every speaker by hand, one at a time, is that we can build to your custom order. Our palette of paint finishes is limited only by your imagination!