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EgglestonWorks – Quality Loudspeakers http://egglestonworks.com Quality Loudspeakers Wed, 15 Nov 2017 20:02:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.4 http://egglestonworks.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-icon-32x32.jpg EgglestonWorks – Quality Loudspeakers http://egglestonworks.com 32 32 The Viginti http://egglestonworks.com/the-viginti/ Wed, 10 May 2017 20:29:41 +0000 http://egglestonworks.com/?p=1424

In 1997, a group of music-loving craftsmen from Memphis, TN rocked the audio world with the debut of the ANDRA. EgglestonWorks was not well-known at the time but Andra changed that very quickly. Less than a year after its introduction, Andra had appeared on the cover of Stereophile Magazine – not once, but twice in 3 months – earning that publication’s prestigious “Speaker of the Year” award.

Praise for Andra came from audiophiles and audio professionals alike. Legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig was an early adopter, purchasing 5 Andras to outfit his DVD mastering setup. Ludwig chose Andra for its clarity and truthful character coupled with a non-fatiguing sound that made hours of work seem like minutes.

During its remarkable lifespan, the Andra has seen two major design updates as well as numerous small detail improvements. Both the Andra II and III versions have remained faithful to the standards of excellence established by the original, while at the same time advancing performance, aesthetics and build quality.

How do you celebrate a product whose 20 years of excellence has defined our company? We at EgglestonWorks, felt that such an important milestone deserved to be honored by a completely new product born of the Andra tradition. Offered as a Limited Edition, the Viginti was developed to pay homage to the Andra and build upon its legacy.

Viginti–Latin for “Twenty”– is the culmination of  EgglestonWorks’ 20 years of audio excellence and defines the State-of-the-Art in speaker design. Featuring a bass enclosure incorporating dual 10” carbon woofers and a unique slot porting system, there is no lack of authoritative, effortless and pitch-perfect bass. Our proven 6” carbon-dome midrange drivers endow Viginti with the unsurpassed mid-range clarity for which Andra is renowned. A cutting-edge Beryillium tweeter delivers extended and detailed trebles with the fatigue-free musicality which is the hallmark of EgglestonWorks designs.

Handcrafted in our custom cabinetry division, Viginti’s evolutionary silhouette hides a myriad of meticulously formed and critically placed internal braces, while extravagant use of aluminum and carbon fiber compliment the speaker’s stunning paintwork. The result? Viginti isn’t only one of the most sonically satisfying speakers available: it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing, as well!

Heritage and innovation. Tradition and transformation. Several years of careful development ensure that The Andra Viginti Limited Edition honors its past and defines the future. Spending a little time with Viginti will illustrate why this remarkable product advances the Andra legacy.


Tweeter: 1” Beryllium dome
Midrange: 2 – 6” carbon cone dome
Bass: 2 – 10” carbon cone subwoofers

Efficiency is 87dB
Impedance is 6 Ohms,3.5 Ohm minimum at 29Hz
Usable output extends from 20Hz to 40kHz

Footprint: 14” x 23” x 50” H
Weight: 255lbs.

EgglestonWorks announces expansion in Mainland China http://egglestonworks.com/expansion-china/ Mon, 08 May 2017 21:30:56 +0000 http://egglestonworks.com/?p=1429 EgglestonWorks is happy to announce its expansion in Greater China with the opening of an office in Shanghai earlier this year.  EgglestonWorks (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,  (EWS) employs full-time staff handling sales, marketing, warehousing, logistics, product training and after sales service.  EWS will focus on building relationships with retail stores and supplying them with EgglestonWorks branded products.  In this capacity, EWS will serve as the distribution point for all EgglestonWorks products available to the China market.

EgglestonWorks is making this significant investment to establish EWS at a pivotal point in the company’s global initiative.  Company President, Jim Thompson, had this to say about the opening of the Shanghai office, “This partnership enhances our competitive position and deepens the relationship with our customers in China.  Obviously, we see the China consumer audio market as extremely important to our global sales and marketing plans.  More specifically, our direct involvement in China is something we have not seen as important in other markets; however, in China we see a unique opportunity.”

According to Thompson, “We are taking an unprecedented interest in China both financially and physically.  The opening of our Shanghai office represents another important step in EgglestonWorks’ strategy to expand awareness of our brand.  Our team in China is uniquely qualified to expand our presence within the country while maintaining the highest level of service and quality.”

To celebrate the company’s expansion, EgglestonWorks will be shipping special versions of all products sold in China.  These version options will include unique color and finish options, crossover upgrades, as well as limited offering binding post option.  These options will only be available to customers in China with the speakers marked with LE to signify Limited Edition.  “We hope these first speakers to be sold in China under our own distribution office will be seen as collector’s editions,”Thompson said, noting “We wanted to differentiate these products as the inaugural products under our banner.”

EWS will immediately act as the sole distributor of the EgglestonWorks brand in China and is working on plans to expand offerings by acting as the distributor for other high-end audio companies in the future.  A goal will be to grow the company to include a group of highly regarded brands under the EWS umbrella to also distribute through the company’s network of dealers.

Thompson also says, “We are happy to enter into this venture and to continue growing our presence in China.  Combining EgglestonWorks 20+ years of speaker building excellence with our extremely capable staff in Shanghai, will be of great value, both to our customers and retail partners.”

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EgglestonWorks announces U.S. debut of Camilla loudspeaker at 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest http://egglestonworks.com/egglestonworks-announces-u-s-debut-of-camilla-loudspeaker-at-2015-rocky-mountain-audio-fest/ Wed, 16 Sep 2015 03:05:46 +0000 http://egglestonworks.com/?p=1148 Memphis, TN, USA – SEPTEMBER 1, 2015EgglestonWorks announces today its plans for the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO to be held October 2nd – 4th, 2015. EgglestonWorks will have several models on display in room 8007 of the Denver Marriot Tech Center.

RMAF will be the U.S. debut of the EgglestonWorks’ newest speaker, the CAMILLA. The CAMILLA ($17,135USD/pair) is an ultimate, two-way speaker that combines optimum imaging and frequency range capabilities in a design featuring an extreme high resolution 1” dome tweeter and ultra-low distortion 9” woofer. According to company president and designer, Jim Thompson, “The Camilla represents our goal of creating accurate and musical playback housed in an elegantly complex cabinet design.”

The CAMILLA was first unveiled in May at The High End Show in Munich, Germany. Attendees at RMAF will have their first opportunity to see and hear this new speaker stateside.

The EgglestonWorks line currently consists of models ranging in price from $3500 to $155,000.00. In addition to the debut of the CAMILLA, the NEW Nico bookshelf will also be on display in Room #8007.

EgglestonWorks will be sharing Room # 8007 with Rogers High Fidelity of Warwick, New York. Rogers will be displaying both the EHF – 100 and EHF 200 amplifiers as well as the fantastic PA- 1A Phono Preamplifier.

“RMAF is one of our favorite shows to do,” says Thompson. “There is a great feeling of camaraderie amongst the exhibitors, and the attendees are some of the most enthusiastic of any show in the world. RMAF is a great time.”

As usual if a private audition is desired, the company asks that you contact them via email at john@egglestonworks.com.

EgglestonWorks announces plans for the 2015 CES http://egglestonworks.com/egglestonworks-announces-plans-for-the-2015-ces/ Sat, 13 Dec 2014 00:34:01 +0000 http://egglestonworks.com/?p=1071 EgglestonWorks announces today its plans for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, January 6 – 9 in Las Vegas, USA. EgglestonWorks will have several models on display over three rooms at the Venetian Hotel: The room numbers are: Suite 30-231, Suite 29-126, and Suite 29-227.

We are appreciative to our partner companies for this show and would like to take this opportunity to detail the individual systems.

Suite 30-231: EgglestonWorks main demo room will feature the EgglestonWorks Andra III and Nico on live demonstration. Main system will be the EgglestonWorks Andra III loudspeakers. Equipment from VTL includes the TL7.5 III Reference Preamplifier, the MB-450III Signature Monoblocks. The excellent Bricasti Design M1 DAC will handle the front end. This system is the one that Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile Magazine referred to as “yummy” in his report from RMAF this year. A second system in this room will feature the EgglestonWorks Nico loudspeakers driven by an Arte Forma Mezzo amplifier. All cabling in this room will be from Hemingway Audio.

Suite 29-126 Rogers High Fidelity will feature the EgglestonWorks Nico speakers on live demonstration in this room. The amplifier driving the Nico’s will be the EHF-100 amplification from Rogers High Fidelity and Kimber Cables. HiFi+ recently reviewed the Nico; you can read about it here.

Suite 29-227 will feature the EgglestonWorks Nine Signature on live demonstration. SOtM Audio will supply amplification and all front-end equipment in this room. These pieces will be the sMS-1000 SQ server, sPA-1000 amplifier, and SOtM cabling.

“This will be an ambitious and busy show for us,” says EgglestonWorks president Jim Thompson. “We are looking forward to showing our speakers on a variety of equipment.” “This CES will give attendees the opportunity to hear EgglestonWorks on three completely different systems,” he said. “Our aim is to showcase the flexibility of our speakers with different kinds of gear, while exposing us to a wider audience.

”As usual if a private audition is desired, the company asks that you contact them via email at jim@egglestonworks.com.

Read the official press release

Our Partners

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EgglestonWorks announces plans for high end 2014, Munich, Germany http://egglestonworks.com/egglestonworks-announces-plans-for-high-end-2014-munich-germany/ Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:59:59 +0000 http://egglestonworks.com/?p=1042 Memphis, TN, USA – March 28, 2014EgglestonWorks announces today its plans for the 2014 High End Show, May 15 – 18 in Munich, Germany. EgglestonWorks will have several models on display in its show room F217 in Atrium 4.2.

The EgglestonWorks line currently consists models ranging in price from $3250.00 to $135,000.00. The extensive line will be represented at the High End Show by current production models, The Andra III ($24,900/Pair USD), The Nine Signature ($18,900.00/Pair USD), The Dianne Signature ($4,790.00/Pair USD), The NEW Nico bookshelf (3,250.00/Pair USD), and The Emma ($3,950.00/Pair USD).

EgglestonWorks is happy to attend the Munich Show for the third time as an exhibitor. According to company President, Jim Thompson, “the international feel of the show and its focus on high performance audio makes Munich extremely important to our marketing efforts.” The company’s focus this year will be to bring the majority of its line to the show so that attendees can see and hear what the company has to offer. The highlight of the show will be the NEW Nico and Emma products that push the boundaries for an entry level product to new heights.

EgglestonWorks will be sharing Room F217 with Avid Hi Fi, Ltd. of the United Kingdom. AVID will display their complete line up of award-winning high performance turntables including the incredible Acutus Reference SP and the entry level deck Ingenium. They will also have their outstanding line of phono pre-amplifiers from the Pulsare II to the PELLAR the SCT analogue reference interconnect and ASC reference speaker cable as well as the ISORAK Equipment Rack and Platform.

As usual if a private audition is desired, the company asks that you contact them via email at jthompson@egglestonworks.com.



Egglestonworks to debut new products at ces 2014, Las Vegas, USA http://egglestonworks.com/egglestonworks-to-debut-new-products-at-ces-2014-las-vegas-usa/ Fri, 27 Dec 2013 03:35:06 +0000 http://egglestonworks.com/?p=999 Memphis, TN, USA – December 20, 2013 – EgglestonWorks announced today plans for the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, January 7 – 10 in Las Vegas, NV.

Venetian Hotel, Suite 30-203.
For the past two years, EgglestonWorks has been working on a 5-model line that will consist of a standmounted monitor, a floor-stander, a center channel, a surround speaker and a subwoofer. The company will unveil two models in this line at CES. While the line will maintain the high level of quality that customer have come to expect from EgglestonWorks, the new line of products will be aimed at a lower price point segment.

The Nico, a bookshelf/stand-mount speaker and the first speaker of the line, features an EgglestonWorks tweeter and single 6” driver per cabinet. The Nico is a dramatic evolution of the iconic EgglestonWorks cabinet featuring flowing lines and a elegantly curved cabinet. Nico will have a suggested retail of $3250.00USD per pair.

The Emma is a floor-stander visually related to the Nico. This new model will feature an EgglestonWorks tweeter and dual 6” drivers. Taking advantage of the larger cabinet and additional drivers, Emma will feature greater bass extension while maintaining a visually sleek cabinet. Emma will have a suggested retail of $3950 per pair.

“We are very excited about this line of products, “says company president Jim Thompson, “and cannot wait to introduce these new designs. When complete, this new line will allow customers to have full surround EgglestonWorks system for far less money than ever before.” A departure for the company is that the new line will feature drive units developed in-house. The company sees this step as crucial to innovation and the future of the company. The company anticipates unveiling the center channel, surround channel and subwoofer in May at the High End Show in Munich.

Also on display in the EgglestonWorks suite will be the new Signature version of the popular Dianne loudspeaker. The Dianne Signature ($4790.00USD per pair) follows the other speakers in the line with upgraded cosmetics, drivers, wiring and crossover components.

The company will also have much of its 12-model line on static display in their suite. As usual if a private audition is desired, the company asks that you contact them via email at jim@egglestonworks.com.