EgglestonWorks announces expansion in Mainland China

EgglestonWorks is happy to announce its expansion in Greater China with the opening of an office in Shanghai earlier this year.  EgglestonWorks (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,  (EWS) employs full-time staff handling sales, marketing, warehousing, logistics, product training and after sales service.  EWS will focus on building relationships with retail stores and supplying them with EgglestonWorks branded products.  In this capacity, EWS will serve as the distribution point for all EgglestonWorks products available to the China market.

EgglestonWorks is making this significant investment to establish EWS at a pivotal point in the company’s global initiative.  Company President, Jim Thompson, had this to say about the opening of the Shanghai office, “This partnership enhances our competitive position and deepens the relationship with our customers in China.  Obviously, we see the China consumer audio market as extremely important to our global sales and marketing plans.  More specifically, our direct involvement in China is something we have not seen as important in other markets; however, in China we see a unique opportunity.”

According to Thompson, “We are taking an unprecedented interest in China both financially and physically.  The opening of our Shanghai office represents another important step in EgglestonWorks’ strategy to expand awareness of our brand.  Our team in China is uniquely qualified to expand our presence within the country while maintaining the highest level of service and quality.”

To celebrate the company’s expansion, EgglestonWorks will be shipping special versions of all products sold in China.  These version options will include unique color and finish options, crossover upgrades, as well as limited offering binding post option.  These options will only be available to customers in China with the speakers marked with LE to signify Limited Edition.  “We hope these first speakers to be sold in China under our own distribution office will be seen as collector’s editions,”Thompson said, noting “We wanted to differentiate these products as the inaugural products under our banner.”

EWS will immediately act as the sole distributor of the EgglestonWorks brand in China and is working on plans to expand offerings by acting as the distributor for other high-end audio companies in the future.  A goal will be to grow the company to include a group of highly regarded brands under the EWS umbrella to also distribute through the company’s network of dealers.

Thompson also says, “We are happy to enter into this venture and to continue growing our presence in China.  Combining EgglestonWorks 20+ years of speaker building excellence with our extremely capable staff in Shanghai, will be of great value, both to our customers and retail partners.”