EgglestonWorks announces plans for the 2015 CES

EgglestonWorks announces today its plans for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, January 6 – 9 in Las Vegas, USA. EgglestonWorks will have several models on display over three rooms at the Venetian Hotel: The room numbers are: Suite 30-231, Suite 29-126, and Suite 29-227.

We are appreciative to our partner companies for this show and would like to take this opportunity to detail the individual systems.

Suite 30-231: EgglestonWorks main demo room will feature the EgglestonWorks Andra III and Nico on live demonstration. Main system will be the EgglestonWorks Andra III loudspeakers. Equipment from VTL includes the TL7.5 III Reference Preamplifier, the MB-450III Signature Monoblocks. The excellent Bricasti Design M1 DAC will handle the front end. This system is the one that Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile Magazine referred to as “yummy” in his report from RMAF this year. A second system in this room will feature the EgglestonWorks Nico loudspeakers driven by an Arte Forma Mezzo amplifier. All cabling in this room will be from Hemingway Audio.

Suite 29-126 Rogers High Fidelity will feature the EgglestonWorks Nico speakers on live demonstration in this room. The amplifier driving the Nico’s will be the EHF-100 amplification from Rogers High Fidelity and Kimber Cables. HiFi+ recently reviewed the Nico; you can read about it here.

Suite 29-227 will feature the EgglestonWorks Nine Signature on live demonstration. SOtM Audio will supply amplification and all front-end equipment in this room. These pieces will be the sMS-1000 SQ server, sPA-1000 amplifier, and SOtM cabling.

“This will be an ambitious and busy show for us,” says EgglestonWorks president Jim Thompson. “We are looking forward to showing our speakers on a variety of equipment.” “This CES will give attendees the opportunity to hear EgglestonWorks on three completely different systems,” he said. “Our aim is to showcase the flexibility of our speakers with different kinds of gear, while exposing us to a wider audience.

”As usual if a private audition is desired, the company asks that you contact them via email at

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